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While the internal turmoil you can face here can be very strong, if you stick things out long enough, you start to see some changes. There can be these epiphany moments where you might want something right away, but you hear something or see something or experience something that makes you stop and say to yourself "Oh, I need to do this first. This was an important step I wasn't handling. Overall, it's a tough chart, I'm not going to lie, but we're in the fading out period of the current connections and it should start to get a little bit easier to manage in the days ahead, so stick with it.

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Bud The Daily Horoscope for Gemini A stubborn streak can create some problems in your communications right now, where others might be willing to offer you good, solid, sound advice, but for whatever reason, you can resist it. This is a time where "if you want different results, you have to do something different" applies. In addition to his weekly horoscopes Tim includes a preamble that covers anything from planetary positions and their effect on the world to how these aspects impact politics and government.

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Stephanie Azaria is a highly respected astrologer who works with the symbols and power of astrology in unprecedented ways. She developed her natural talent for channeling the higher perspective over the past forty plus years and she has studied the science of Astrology with some of the greatest minds in the field, including Martin Schulman and Michael Lutin.


Mark Husson is the founder of the 12 line of websites with the astrology site being one of them. Jessica Lanyadoo is an internationally respected astrologer whose home is in San Francisco. Her horoscopes are just one of her gifts. She also is a medium and has been involved in Tarot since He draws upon his talents as a writer, poet and musician to create a personal and optimistic style in writing his columns.

Penny Thornton is a writer and astrologer with a world wide following.

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In addition to her books and horoscope columns she was the personal astrologer for Princess Diana for six years. She provides monthly video-scopes for each star sign by pulling in information from all these areas so you can be more aware of the astrological influences happening in your sign throughout the month.

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Jen uses tarot cards to provide a weekly horoscope for each star sign. She uses various Tarot card decks for these readings and provides a summary of what the tarot card means for the sign for the week. Susan Miller Lives in New York and set up her own astrological website in She writes in depth monthly forecasts for each star sign and also has a monthly over view video-scope on Vimeo which you can access under your star sign on her website.

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  • Share this page. Georgia Nicols daily, weekly Canadian astrologer, Georgia Nicols, combines wisdom and wit to create entertaining and insightful horoscopes for her readers. Patrick Arundell daily, weekly, monthly, annual Western, Indian, Chinese Patrick Arundell has been practicing astrology professionally since Susyn Blair-Hunt daily As a metaphysical consultant for over 30 years, Susyn Blair-Hunt is internationally known for her astrological and psychic readings, channeling, metaphysical advice columns and articles, published books and radio appearances.

    Astral Reflections by Tim Stephens weekly, annual Tim Stephens home is in BC and has been writing horoscope columns for newspapers since The Cosmic Path by Stephanie Azaria weekly Stephanie Azaria is a highly respected astrologer who works with the symbols and power of astrology in unprecedented ways.

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